What You Need To Know About PCR


AtelierPCR was founded in 2011 by Pauline Catharina Reinders (PCR).

Pauline has a degree in fashion & design, from (AMFI) The Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

After studying and working in fashion for more then a decade, she found her preference in minimal fashion design.

In her search for the perfect accessories and her fascination for leather she found her love for accessories design.

Pauline is inspired by architectural shapes and her passion for leather and good quality craftsmanship are the key elements for the designs.

The key elements for the designs always are the shape and nature of the leather for that specific design and makes every product unique.

Handcrafted bags and a wide range of small leather goods are her main focus.

AtelierPCR is characterized by the use of dark, sophisticated colors and earth tones, which makes every design timeless but fashionable.

We hope you will feel the love that is placed in every single piece handmade in our Atelier.

If you have any questions, if you want anymore information please let us know!